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The Opportunity

When two key parcels along the Mill Bend in the Gualala River became available for sale for the first time in 70 years, local groups formed the Mill Bend Coalition to find a way to protect Mill Bend forever.

 The Mill Bend coalition has been working with other organizations who share these goals to identify sources of funding for the public acquisition of these properties which form the gateway to Mendocino County and the Gualala River watershed.

The Lower Mill and Mill Bend parcels are 112 acres of riverfront property.

Acquiring Mill Bend and the Lower Mill site will protect the Gualala River estuary, preserve the area’s scenic beauty and provide improved public access to the Gualala River.

How you can help:

  • Endorse the Preserve Mill Bend project
    Major funders want to see wide community support. Several local land trusts and other groups interested in conserving our natural environment have already endorsed this project. Your endorsement will help demonstrate that this project is important to members of our community.
  • Make a Contribution to The Mill Bend Opportunity Fund
    Although the Mill Bend Coalition will be seeking support from large funding agencies to acquire the Mill Bend properties and to develop community plans for their use, local contributions will be needed for pre-acquisition costs such as appraisals, surveys, mapping, and other preliminary work. You can make a tax-deductible contribution to the Redwood Coast Land Conservancy (RCLC), which has set up a Mill Bend Opportunity Fund for donations to the Mill Bend project.  You can either donate through the Mill Bend website at or send your check (made out to RCLC) to:

Redwood Coast Land Conservancy
Mill Bend Opportunity Fund
P.O. Box 1511
Gualala, CA 95445

The Mill Bend project is endorsed by members of our local community and…

Mendocino Land Trust
Sonoma Land Trust
Redwood Coast Land Conservancy
Friends of the Gualala River
California Native Plant Society
Lynda Hopkins, Board of Supervisors Sonoma County
Dan Hamburg, Board of Supervisors Mendocino County
Sonoma County Regional Parks District
Gualala Municipal Advisory Council
Moat Creek Managing Agency

Ensuring The Preservation of Mill Bend

For the first time in more than 60 years, the strikingly scenic Mill Bend property on the curve of the Gualala River is up for sale, providing a rare opportunity for our community to acquire and preserve this beautiful land in the heart of the Gualala Estuary.

Mill Bend is being sold as part of a package that also includes the Lower Mill site, which runs along the bluff east of Highway One down to the river on the east side of the bridge.

In a Community Forum sponsored by the Gualala Municipal Advisory Council (GMAC), in November 2017, more than 70 local residents gathered to learn more about both riverfront properties and to discuss the opportunities and constraints for their potential use.  Click here for more information about this forum.

People attending the forum expressed a strong interest in preserving the natural habitat and scenic views of Mill Bend and in providing public access to the river. Several ideas for the potential uses for the Lower Mill site were also discussed.

Following the forum, local residents formed the Mill Bend Coalition (MBC) to explore the possibility of acquiring the Mill Bend properties or otherwise ensuring that they would be protected and preserved.  Since then, the MBC has raised funds for an appraisal of the properties and has been meeting with potential funders and advisors to find the best way of achieving our goal.

Photo by Peggy Berryhill

Mission Statement:

The Mill Bend Coalition formed to ensure that the Mill Bend properties are in hands
that will protect valuable habitat and open space, provide public access, and
preserve the natural features of this scenic gateway to the Gualala River watershed.

How You Can Help

  • Endorse our Efforts: Please sign-up for our email list and, when you do, type “Yes” in the last entry field that says “Type “Yes” for Us to Use Your Name for Endorsement.”  Or, send an email to and tell us it’s okay to use your name as an endorsement.

  • Donate: The Mill Bend Coalition is working with other conservation groups and government organizations to explore the possibility of acquiring the Mill Bend properties. Your donation will help with the cost of appraisals, surveys and other preliminary expenses.  Note: Redwood Coast Land Conservancy is the sponsoring agency for the Mill Bend Coalition.

  • Pledges: If you would like to pledge a large amount, please email with your name, contact information, and the amount you would like to pledge.


Friends of Gualala River

Redwood Coast Land Conservancy

 Dan Hamburg, 5th District Supervisor, Mendocino County

Mendocino Land Trust

Mendocino Area Parks Association

Lloyd and Kathleen Chasey

Lynda Hopkins, 5th District Supervisor, Sonoma County

Moat Creek Managing Agency

Sonoma County Regional Parks

Sonoma Land Trust

Gualala Municipal Advisory Council